You CAN have a CHEAP Disney Wedding – Step One: Ceremony Location

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So you don’t think you could have a Disney Wedding on a budget? Well, I’m so happy to say that you can! I did it, and you can too! Not only is it reasonably priced, but it’s easy and you’ll get to be the Disney Bride/Groom that you always dreamed you would be!

I’m going to give you all of the steps to planning your budget-friendly big event and making all of your dreams come true! So stay with me, in this post, we’ll start with your ceremony location. I’m sure if you have even thought about a Walt Disney World Wedding you already looked at Disney’s Fairytale Wedding website where you saw that either you can have a cheap wedding with only 2 people invited, or you can have a normal amount of guests by using Disney’s Fairytale weddings, but then you are already jumping up to the Wishes package which starts at $12,000! Any takers? I didn’t think so. I can’t believe I didn’t know all of what I’m about to share with you, but of course Disney doesn’t want to put it out there because they want you to have a Disney Fairytale Wedding (through their planning services). Let’s face it, we all don’t have a Fairytale Budget, no matter how much we may “wish upon a star”.

Disney meant so much to my husband and I that we instantly knew when we got engaged that a Disney wedding it would be! Now, we did all the “Fairytale” research, and after becoming a bit discouraged, I was so lucky that I ended up being connected with a fellow Disney bride who gave me the inside scoop on the other places within Walt Disney World that you can become a Disney bride on a reasonable budget! 

Here it is folks, the big reveal! There are places within Walt Disney World that are on Disney property, totally Disneyesque, but not “owned by Disney” that you can have weddings. So let’s get this straight, you NEVER HAVE TO CALL DISNEY FAIRYTALE WEDDINGS. Farewell Wishes Package, and hello custom package that is a hell of a lot cheaper!! Since they are not “owned by Disney” they set their own pricing, options and packages for events, completely separate from Walt Disney World, even though they are located in the heart of the magic!

The location John and I had our ceremony, Rix Lounge in the main building at the Coronado Springs Resort is one of these options. First, I’ll elaborate on this one and then let you know of other locations to choose from. Rix Lounge is a really chic spot. They are able to accommodate a formal setup with beautiful, tall chairs for your guests. All you do is give them a call and they will hand you over to their event planner who can get the ball rolling for you! They have their own website, so you can take a closer look without going on Easy peasy.

They were super accommodating and even worked with my florist to get everything accomplished before we got there. We had 60 people and it could have fit even more! I even had my cocktail hour here, but we’ll talk more about that on the next post. Let’s get your ceremony squared away first.

Here is a glimpse of our guests getting ready for the ceremony! The room is beautiful!

Here is a glimpse of my Dad walking me down the isle, you can see the flower petals and the layout a bit better:

Just another view for you, what do you think!?

The other option of ceremony location that is not owned by Disney is the Swan and Dolphin Hotel, located on Disney property and right near Epcot!

Who would’ve thought!? They have numerous locations for ceremonies AND reception halls to choose from (I’ll talk about some reception options in my Budget-Friendly Disney Wedding Step Two post). This place is huge! And beautiful! There are even locations right by the water. Again, this is NOT through Disney Fairytale Weddings, so call Swan and Dolphin up directly and work with them specifically for your budget!

They have various packages to choose from at reasonable costs. Again, I didn’t get married here so I don’t know the complete specifics, but I’ve heard wonderful things.

Here are some pictures all taken from the Swan and Dolphin site to show you a glimpse of the ceremony locations to choose from: This is the White Sand Beach option:

Here is the West Courtyard:

This is called Crescent Terrace:

Lake Terrace:

You can see what I mean then, beautiful options to choose from, and that’s not even all of them! They even have ballrooms you can choose from! Now you have your work cut out for you. Check out all of your options and pick the best ceremony spot for you! Make your own budget and only include what you can. Remember, be reasonable, just being in Disney is the highlight for your guests!

So there you have it! We accomplished finding your ceremony location where YOU CHOOSE the price within Walt Disney World on your OWN budget and ALL of your guests can come! Your on your way to getting your Prince/Princess crown before you know it…

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