You CAN have a CHEAP Disney Wedding – Step Two: Reception Location

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Are you ready to plan your Disney Wedding Reception?! We are proving everyone wrong and showing that YOU CAN HAVE A CHEAP DISNEY WEDDING! 

How you ask!? If you were to use Disney Fairytale Weddings and invite all of your guests, you must START at a $12,000 for just the basics! Any takers? I didn’t think so! In Step One, we chose your Ceremony location by utilizing properties IN Disney that aren’t “Disney Owned” in which case, these locations make their own rules for wedding prices.

In Step 2, we’re going to cover the many options for your reception, and let you know how to GET IT DONE ON A BUDGET! Come on, Disney Bride/Groom, let’s keep planning! Are you feeling magical yet?!

Things get a little trickier here, but stay with me! Now, you can still have your reception at most of the places you can have a Disney Wedding Reception, including private viewing for the fireworks with a lot of the locations! So instead of going to Disney Fairytale Weddings to pick a location, you are going to go to the Disney Event Group page for basically booking a “private party event”.

You get the Disney catered dinner and dessert and a choice of menu and all of that good stuff. Disney caterers have won numerous awards and now I understand why. The food is amazing! My guests STILL talk about it!! I miss it actually. I’m hungry.


There are so many options that I can’t even touch on all of them, but I will tell you a bit about our experience because there are a few things to note when choosing your location!

If you choose one of the Disney offered areas there is a catch, you can’t wear your long wedding gown to the reception. I know, it hurts. But I’m telling you it’s worth it. You wear your beautiful gown for your ceremony, and I did a quick change into a short white dress. It was actually better because I was sweating!!! The amount of money you will save will convince you to do this!

As far as the reception location, John and I originally chose Terrace des Fleurs France in Epcot, right on the water in our own private section for dinner, dessert and fireworks.

You get your own private location for the viewing of the Illumination fireworks show at Epcot when you choose any of these outside, on the water, locations. But you need to know that if you choose an outside location and it rains they are going to switch your location THAT DAY to an inside spot of which you don’t have any choice or say. Obviously it will still be in Epcot, if that’s the area you originally picked.

So needless to say, it rained on our wedding day. I didn’t even think about it, I just said “whatever happens, happens”. I didn’t really have time to think about it so that helped! But it actually ended up being a blessing in disguise because we were moved inside of The Living Seas Salon (the building where the Nemo ride is).

It was a private room upstairs somewhere and the whole wall was just an enormous aquarium tank all to ourselves! The kids who came absolutely loved it, and let’s not kid ourselves, us adults were giddy and excited about it too!

The food is laid out as a buffet, but it’s not just any buffet. I promise you, it will be the best food you have ever had at any catered event! The dessert is laid out too. We didn’t opt to add an additional special occasion cake because dessert was already included and there were such delicious selections that we didn’t even feel like we needed the extra expense. Again, this is not the Fairytale budget, it’s the real life budget!

Just because they had to change the location we originally had didn’t mean that we missed out on our own private firework show, oh no! Epcot still runs Illuminations in light rain, but low and behold, the rain stopped just in time! They still reserved our private fireworks viewing area in Paris all to ourselves!

After the reception, we were escorted to our original location selection, which they had still saved for JUST US (Terrace des Fleurs) and it was roped off for a private viewing. What is better than concluding your wedding with Front row seats to one of the best firework shows put on by Disney?! I’ll answer for you, nothing! Picture of this shown at the top of this post.

SO now YOU are going to go to Disney Event Group to pick your location, customize a menu, drinks, table settings etc that you’ve always dreamed of with an Event Group Planner! Let’s be honest, you can go crazy spending still here, so keep your budget in mind when choosing extra items. Just remember, your guests aren’t going to notice a HUGE centerpiece, you’re in DISNEY, that IS the centerpiece. They are just going to be happy to be there. Let the fireworks between you and your partner be the focus and keep your money in your wallet where it belongs!


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