Planning your Alice in Wonderland Party – Part 1

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Throwing an event sometime soon? Are you looking to throw in a few Disney touches? Without going overboard, of course 😉 Let’s talk parties! I am going to show you a few easy ways to bring your love of Disney into your next event! You can use these touches for any type of event, but for me, this specific event in my life was my Baby Shower.

Now I do NOT want to take anything away from my Mom, Sister, or Mother-in-Law, who threw me this beautiful shower, but I will say that I am a stickler for having control when I have a certain vision in my head. Yes, I know, I should have just let them do it and enjoy myself, but come on, when Disney is involved, I find myself not being able to let go of the reigns! I’m just too excited! Here come all of these exclamation points again… But thank you to those beautiful ladies who made my day one that I will never forget!

Now less about me, more about the party ideas for YOU. I thought it was actually pretty hard to figure out a way I could add Disney into my boy baby shower while not wanting to do the typical Dumbo theme or anything that would come off as too girly. Yes, I am a girl, but I was having a boy! I always loved the idea of a Tea Party for a Baby Shower because what girl doesnt love beautiful plates, flowers, teapots and getting dressed up with her favorite girls?! The idea of a Tea Party leads right into Alice in Wonderland, of course! There is my Disney touch!

But again, I’m having a boy, so I cant be all decked out in my pink floppy hat. How can we swing Alice in Wonderland for a boy baby shower, you ask!? What could be better then a Mad Hatter Tea Party! I thought this theme reflected both my beautiful son and myself in the best way possible. And again, Disney! But not just any old cartoon Alice because we want to be classy and different, I went with the vintage Alice in Wonderland! Very chic and not as much “crazed fan”. I started at invitations and found a wonderful Easy seller who was able to change one of their designs around a bit for me.

I tried to add the directional instructions wherever I could throughout the design of the shower, such as the “Read Me” I included on the invitation. I used these Brown Kraft Avery Labels to print “Read Me” on and these Clear Avery Labels to print the address and Teapots on.

Let’s not forget the stamps to match! Who would’ve thought would have the vintage Alice in Wonderland Tea Party stamps!? Perfecto!

Next we had to think centerpieces, favors, name tags, signs, etc. Here is my problem, if I can’t find EXACTLY what I am looking for I sign myself up to make it. I’m pregnant here, why do I torture myself?! Well I guess i would fit right in with the Mad Hatter because I decided to make most of these things, while being largely preggo in the dead of Summer. Fun, right? Well in the end, I’m glad I did, but I’m definitely a bit mad!

For centerpieces I decided I wanted towers of cups, saucers and teapots. Mis-matching but still cohesive at the same time. Here is a look at what we made. All of them came out different of course but similar looking.

Now this could’ve gotten pricey, but I don’t have that kind of cash! I’m saving up for my next Disney trip of course! So we decided to go to the Thrift Store to look for the cups, saucers and teapots. We hit the jackpot! I would say if you don’t find what you are looking for at one, go to the next one. We were able to get amazing full sets of these and, they were so beautiful, I ended up keeping them as my actual “fancy” drinking cups! We found a few great teapots there and then I did splurge for a few at T.J.Maxx but by splurge I mean I bought three for like $12 each, not bad at all. The bottom silver tray they all sat on were from Dollar Tree. Yes, $1. That’s how I like to spend money! You’ll see that a great bargain really makes me excited! For some girls it’s a romance novel, for me, it’s getting 6 things for $6.

We hot glued each piece together and there you have it! since I wanted to save these cups for later I was so happy that the hot glue gun peels right off and if there is any trouble just run them under hot water and it will come off. Just still be careful carrying them even though they are glued! Needless to say, my guests were disappointed when I told them they couldn’t take any of the centerpieces home because I was going to keep them as my actual dishes! Sorry fam!

This is great start to your Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland Tea Party! Your guests are going to have a blast thinking they have fallen down the rabbit hole and into the world of Alice in Wonderland.

I have so many more ideas and tips to share with you! Check back for Part 2 and we’ll cover favors, place settings and banners!

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