DIY Gift for Dad – Superheroes and Legos!

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You need a great gift for a great man in your life! Maybe a Father’s Day gift? Birthday gift? Christmas perhaps? You want to show him how special he is and how much he means to you, although you don’t want to break the bank.

I have a great gift idea for any man of any age! And of course it has that touch of Disney that we all love to make things extra magical and special 🙂

I’m going to show you how to make it yourself and it’s so easy I could cry! And yet, it looks so cool! I can’t take full credit for it because I did see a version of this idea on, you guessed it, Pinterest (ahh Pinterest, how I love thee). But I had to put my own spin on it, because I just always have to make things my own. Bigger and better!

Check out what I made my husband for his birthday this year!


What’s better than superheroes, compliments and Legos? Oh yea, nothing. He will love it! Just as my husband did. We love all of the marvel movies, etc. as most people do, especially us Disney lovers!

True to my site’s promise, this gift is simple to make! And cheap, thank goodness because all of our extra coins are going to the Disney fund.

Here is your materials list:

Shadow Box (color of your choice). Here is a nice one from Amazon!

– Computer printer to print the words on a cardstock paper. I use this cardstock, it works great in a regular home printer, and it’s always great to have this paper available for other printing projects!

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Lego compatible superheroes from amazon. The reason I used knock-off versions is because they are MUCH cheaper, you can get them all in one box at one cost, and you can’t tell the difference! They look just like the regular lego men! In the box you’ll receive Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Spider-Man and the Hulk.

Now we are ready to get DIY’ing! Let’s talk steps!

Step 1: Whip out your computer and start typing! I used PowerPoint, but you can of course use Word as well. I just feel PowerPoint allows a bit more freedom, but it will work with Word as well! If you bought the same size shadow box as I did then your letters can be about an inch tall. If your shadow box is bigger or smaller of course you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

All you need to do is type the phrases and words one right under another leaving a bit of space in between. You can word it just as I have in the photo or you can make up you’re own! Use the font type that best describes the Superhero your writing about!


For the first and last phrase you can see that I put a border around mine as well as changed the shape fill color to emphasize who I’m taking about and the “my hero” part, but that is optional too. Not so computer savvy? Skip it and just type the normal words. That’s the best part, this gift will still speak for itself, and it will say “dad, you are better than all of these super heroes combined!”

Click Print! Not so hard, right?!

Step 2: Cut out your phrases. I used a regular scissor but I just cut in a loopy type fashion around my phrases. It makes it look more comic booky. I even added rounded pieces of tape to the back of my phrases next to the lego men only to make them pop out like a comic book would. You can do this if you would like or just make them lay flat.

Step 3: Lay out all of your phrases and Lego men in the shadow box to make sure you have the correct placement and spacing. Once you feel everything is spaced evenly go ahead and start hot gluing. If you chose to put rounded pieces of tape on some of the phrases just put hot glue on the tape that would touch the shadow box and don’t press down after adding the glue, or else the words won’t be wobbly and pop like you want them to. “Wobbly” is a good word to use, right?! Sounds descriptive enough 🙂

That’s it people! Three step projects, these are the types of DIYs we like!

You now have a customized gift for the special man in your life that he is guaranteed to go crazy over! He will appreciate that you put so much hard work into it (even though it looks harder than it really is, but that’s our little secret, right?!), and he will love the fact that you are comparing him to a super hero.

Let’s face it, all men want to be a super hero, but mostly toward the ones they love most! And the best part about it is, the Disney connection for you to enjoy!

Till next time!

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