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Need a great favor to impress your guests? Something completely custom and original that they have definitely never seen before? Of course you do!

I needed the same thing for my wedding! I thought of a great idea, ornaments to commemorate our wedding! Every time our guests put them up on their Christmas trees they would think of us! Wow, what a great feeling. Except all of the Disney ornaments I looked up were so expensive (not a great feeling). So what do we do?! Do it yourself Disney ornaments!!

The best part is you can make it to reflect the exact place and moment you want your guests to remember. It’s so easy! I’ll take you through step-by-step (day by day…. anyone remember that show? Ok anyways…)

You need your materials list of course. How much of each item will be determined by the amount of ornaments you need to make so I’ll just list out and, you’re smart, you do the counting:

Plastic Ball Ornaments that come in halves from Amazon

– Four types of ribbon:

  • One skinny ribbon to go around the seam on the whole ball (I chose white and slightly sheer).
  • One thicker decorative ribbon for the large bow (mine was gold and sparkly, very Christmasy) I prefer the ribbon with the wires for this one. That way when it comes out of storage every year the bow can be fixed to look nice and full again just like when it was first made!
  • One medium thickness ribbon to be a smaller bow sitting in front of the larger bow (I chose red as my last and definitive Christmas color with a decorative edge to give the ornament a nice finish).
  • Lastly the skinniest ribbon to use for actually hanging your ornament.

– Mickey figurines from Dollar Tree (you’re going to need to go into the Dollar Tree and look in the Toy Aisle for the figurines)

– Select a background image. It can be anything you like! A picture you have or one you just find off the web to remind your guests of your special occasion and how much fun they had! I chose a Paris theme because my Disney wedding reception location was booked at the Terrace Des Fleurs France in Epcot

– Basket filler (such as the stuff you put in Easter baskets) from the Dollar Tree too! I love that place! You can choose any color you like!

– Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks

Once you have all of your items ready to go, we are going to start with the background picture. Print the picture to fit the size of the diameter of the ornament. For example, if your ornament is 3 inches then you need your picture to be a bit bigger than that, this way you can place the ornament half on the picture to trace and cut out as needed.

Now you have your background picture ready to go! Good job fellow Disney lovers! Now we can start to assemble! Easy peasy.

You are going to put small dabs of hot glue on the back of mickeys head and rear end and adhere him to the exact place in your picture where you would like him to sit.

Now we can get Mickey in the ornament! Take one of the halves of the ornament and stuff some of the basket filler in the half. Place your picture with Mickey on top of the filler and close with the second half of the ornament. You may need to play around with how much basket filler to put in. I found that balling it up helped to make it a bit less fluffy.

You could also use tissue paper if you find that is easier for you. If you need to add drops of hot glue to make the picture stay, by all means, glue away, just don’t put too much where it was drip all over the back of the ornament.

Once you have the placement you like and you have closed up the halves, we are going to secure with hot glue and a ribbon around the outside of the ball. Take the sheer ribbon and measure enough to go around the ball, plus enough to make a bow at the top.

You’ll want that ribbon to be slightly wide and have longer ends hanging so you can see it under the other ribbons we are going to put on top of it. Also! Make sure this bow and the medium bow we make after this are put IN FRONT of the hole that we will later put a string in to hang from the tree. You don’t want to be able to see that hole in front of your bows!

Next step, you’re doing great here! This is all easy ribbon tying, you can do it, stick with me! Now you’re going to take the largest ribbon of the bunch and tie a large bow to sit behind that white bow you made, and behind the ornament hole. Secure it with hot glue.

Now you take your medium ribbon and make a bow not as large as the last one. You want to be able to see the largest decorative bow behind this medium one. Secure this with hot glue in front of the larger bow and on top of the smaller white bow.

Finally! Last but not least, the tiny ribbon is going to be threaded through the ornament hole, make a loop and a bow. This will be how your guests will get them on their trees.

That project wasn’t so hard!! Now you have a personalized Mickey ornament for your guests to always remember your event! And you didn’t spend over $10 per guest on it!

Every time your guests hang it on their tree they will think of your event and what a wonderful time they had. It’s way better than the usual favors your guests will never use, get thrown out or put in the “re-gifting” pile.

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