DIY New Idea for Disney Inspired Table Place Cards or Place Settings!

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Are you sick of the same old table place cards at every single wedding you go to? Yup, I was too… I used to save some of them to try to remember that special couples’ special day but then they all started to look the same, needless to say I stopped collecting.

When it came to my own wedding I thought “I’m not going to have those same old numbers at my tables”, I want my guests to have fun finding their tables! And by gosh, I didn’t give up! I thought of a really different way to have their guests find their tables and, of course, it has my Disney touch (after all, I did get married in Disney)! Now I get to share the idea with you! You can use this idea for any type of party or wedding! It’s super fun, and you can customize it to any theme you would like!

I decided to use silhouette shapes rather than numbers for my guests to match to find their table. For instance, my reception had a few Beauty and the Beast touches so I used a different character from the movie for each table. Such as Cogsworth for one table and Mrs. Potts for the next! You can see how this can be used for basically any type of theme!

Sticking with my Beauty and the Beast theme, I decided to give each guest a faux rose as their place card with a tag of their table silhouette image on it rather than just the regular card. I told you I was sick of the same old card! Now my guests really felt as if they were in the movie themselves! Here is a glimpse of what I mean!


It was different and fun both for the adults and the kids! The rose also acted as a keepsake to go home with. A great token to always remember this special day!

Here are the items you will need:

  • Roses, one for each guest. I got the roses featured in the photo at Michaels because I liked that they had the thicker stems, it makes them look more like a real rose to me! You can also check Dollar Tree for any type of flowers, but I found that the stems on their flowers are very thin and don’t look as authentic. But they are getting new flowers all the time!
  • Avery Textured White Scallop Round Tags, 2.5-Inch Diameter. I also just order mine from Amazon. Fast and cheap!
  • Thin Ribbon of your color choice! I also chose mine from Michaels, which was an in-store option only.
  • 5×7 Photo Frames of your color choice. Don’t want to break the bank!? Try the Dollar Store for your frames!
  • Computer paper the color of your choice for the background of the large silhouette pictures.

It’s a pretty simple process actually! The Avery Labels provide instructions on how to download the Label file and add your own text and images. To find the silhouettes you would like just do a plain ol’ Google search! Ahhhh Google search, my best friend 🙂

You’ll need to find a font that reflects your theme event, and then start typing away! Each of your guests name with the corresponding silhouette of the table you would like them to sit at. Something never sounded so easy, huh? Just takes a little bit of time!

Don’t have time to make these yourself?! I can do that for you! I decided to post these in my Etsy account! I can customize any number, colors or themes you might want, so if you think of something don’t be afraid to ask! You find the full listing HERE!

Want to assemble them yourself but don’t have the time to write up the name tags?! I can help you again! I have a printable version of the place cards! See, solving problems left and right 🙂 Basically I will customize the digital files for each specific tag for you to then print. I also provide the digital file for the large table prints as well! Then you just print and go! Assemble as you please! Here is the link for that option as well!

Well there you have it! Another simple and easy way to spice up your party or wedding with a Disney addition! It’s fun and doesn’t go overboard on the Disney fun. Keepin’ it classy!

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