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Need a great idea for a fall gathering? Maybe for a Birthday or just a Halloween party? I have the best idea for you! This time of year Walt Disney World throws Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! Why not have your own Disney Halloween Party?!

For my son’s first birthday, we had a Not-So-Scary Halloween party and it was a hit! All of our family and friends thought it was a great idea and couldn’t wait to partake in the fun! It was a great opportunity for the kids to wear their Halloween costumes besides that one night a year! Instead of calling it Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, I called it John’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party…. I know, inventive, right ? 😉

I have a lot of great tips, tricks and DIY ideas for your event! So let’s get started! These are quick and painless ideas, just what we like. And some Free Printables! Woo Hoo!

Let’s start first with the Halloween themed games! Yay! So I started off by making a banner that said Ghoulish Games! The background pattern is the wallpaper theme from The Haunted Mansion Attraction in Disney. Of course I have to tie Haunted Mansion in somewhere or it just wouldn’t be a Disney Halloween Party, so I also included images of the Hitchhiking Ghosts!

Here is a FREE PRINTABLE for the “Ghoulish Games” sign design! Just print on a thicker card stock, cut out and hang as you wish! The Hitchhiking Ghosts can be included on either side of the sign or just all at the end, your choice! Add ribbons and bows and you have a festive Halloween sign for your lawn games!

What kind of games should you have!? I found great Halloween games from Oriental Trading that made quite the impression on my guests, but I didn’t have to break the bank to buy them! Here is a list of all of the games I purchased:

Probably the best game was a Trick or Treat prize search for the kids to do! You could do this for adults too, it’s so much fun for anyone! I wanted to replicate the trick or treating they do in the Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

I got loot bags for the kids and hid random toys and gifts around the yard. I laid out the loot bags next to a poem I wrote up detailing the rules of the game. Get your FREE Trick or Treat Halloween Poem printable here!

Lastly, let’s not forget pumpkin decorating! It just wouldn’t be Halloween without some pumpkin decorating! This is where my husband and I went a little out of that “on a budget” mindset. We bought at least 10 small pumpkins for the kiddies to decorate. I just wanted the little rug rats to have something to do besides wreck the place! I bought foam pumpkin face stickers from the Dollar Tree and spread them all out for the kids to go nuts with.

This was part of their party favor because they were able to bring home their newly decorated pumpkin! Here is a FREE Printable for the Decorate a Pumpkin Sign that I framed and put on the table, which of course follows the same Haunted Mansion wallpaper theme!


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